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 Basic translation methods

Press the white button located at the upper part of the page and a list will appear.


Select your mother tongue in the list.


As the selection has been done, kindly confirm the post on the website.


Re-translation methods

If you have not translation it properly, please push the button at the right side.

You can alter pressing the "Retranslation".


 Cautions when writing an entry.

Here are a few points for displaying translation nicely.

 Write carefully.

Casual text can be a source of translation errors, so please avoid using it.

 Words that are not commonly known should also be avoided.

There are many cases where words that are not commonly used in many countries or specialized words cannot be translation, so please avoid using them.

 Text should broken up into smaller pieces.

Text should broken up into smaller pieces.
Long text that is not broken up tends to lead to odd grammar,
so please break it up using periods (.), commas (,), dots (。), comma marks ( 、), line breaks, or DelimiterButton.

 Explanation of comment entry section icon



Please start by selecting the item that corresponds to your language or comment.


Enter your name.


Enter your email address.

Reader's column

This is the submission area. This is where you type your comment.


Submit your comment.

Delimiter Button

Use this to enclose a portion of text for translation.
Long texts without line breaks tend to cause grammar errors during translation, so use this in that case.
After selecting the text click on the button.

Lock Button

Use this if the words cannot or should not be translation.
After selecting the words click on the button.


Emoticon can be used.

Use this to prevent threads from rising up the order.
If you check this box, the thread won't rise or be displayed at the top, so it won't impede the movement of other threads.


Displaying your ID
When making several different comments, your ID is used to identify you as being the same person.


Used to expand the entry field.

If there is anything else that you do not understand, please contact us through here.

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